Lisa Almberg

Alternate Principal Oboe

Lisa particularly enjoys playing the English horn, the "big sister" of the oboe. The English horn has a warm and melancholic sound that is well-suited for slow, lyrical solos.

She has several tours under her belt that have given her memories for a lifetime. For example, when she traveled with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra for the first time and played at Lincoln Center in New York. They were received like rock stars when they exited from the stage door after the concert. People shouted bravo, cars honked, and people waved from the windows!

What may not be known about oboists is that they make their reeds themselves. This is a time-consuming process with many steps, and they spend many hours planing and "carving" the reeds.

Produced by Maria Brengesjö / Örebro Konserthus

Film by Carl Engberg

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