Lars Fhager

Principal Percussion / Timpani

Lars grew up in Borgstena, north of Borås, with a lot of music surrounding him. So when he sighted the music high school in Karlstad, he was ready. That's also when he chose percussion as his main instrument. After a few years, he entered the music college in Malmö. After that, he mixed percussion teaching and musician jobs, both of which have their charm according to Lars. For many years he had a position at the music college in Örebro, while also filling in at the Swedish Chamber Orchestra when needed. In 2013, he began substitute teaching full-time and then secured a permanent position as a timpanist and percussionist in the orchestra at the end of 2014.

"Örebro Concert Hall is a fantastic workplace with many creative personalities. The orchestra size is a contrast to the large symphony orchestras, making it easier to achieve a tight, clear, and groovy sound, even if they might not be able to produce the heaviest sound", Lars says. "They are like a sports car compared to a truck."

Produced by Maria Brengesjö / Örebro Konserthus

Film by Carl Engberg

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